Trans* Patients’ Experiences of their GP Surgery - Annual Survey 2013

Publisher: TransForum and Building Health Partnerships
Author: Jenny-Anne Bishop
Published date: 15th Apr 2014

This survey was designed to gather information about Trans* patients experiences of accessing healthcare services from their GP. It aims to build a picture of current healthcare provision by GPs for Trans* people in Manchester and beyond. The findings will help to inform the work necessary to insure that that GPs are better equipped to recognise and meet the full health needs of their trans* patients, and commissioners have an understanding of the services they need to commission. The survey was designed and conducted with the support of The Lesbian & Gay Foundation. It closed on 30th October 2013 after being open for approx. 1 month and in that short time attracted 70 responses. The survey found that there is still much work to be done in raising the awareness of trans health issues, not just in assisting those who wish to transition to the opposite gender to that assigned at birth, but also importantly their and those Trans* people not seeking medical / surgical transitions, having their wider and on-going health care also provided in a consistent and respectful manner. It was also found that at best the majority of GPs are ignorant of how to treat and refer Trans* patients to the gender identity services and at worst are obstructive and discriminatory.

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