Ethnic differences in blood pressure begin in adolescence

9 July 2010

The study also found that socioeconomic disadvantage had a “disproportionate effect” on blood pressure for ethnic minority girls. 

The results signal the need for the early prevention of cardiovascular diseases that could have adverse effects in later life, especially for young people of minority ethnic origin.

(Click on the link below to see the abstract on NHS North West's HELP site.)

Premature mortality from stroke and heart disease is one of the quality measures the Health Secretary has announced will be used to judge NHS activity. .

Commenting on this issue on the Health Service Journal website, Shahnaz Ali, associate director of equality, diversity and human rights at NHS North West, said: It's really important that these measures will use disaggregated data so that impacts on different groups can be measured.

'I particularly welcome the measure for stroke, which is a major health burden nationally, but also since we know from work we are doing in the North West that stroke and CVD disproportionately affect south Asian communities, men in particular. The earlier age of acute Myocardial Infarction in south Asians can be largely explained by higher risk factor levels at younger ages but BME populations may not be benefitting as much from improvements in the management of risk factors in the general population.

'Within South Asian groups, morbidity and mortality rates are worse for Pakistani groups.'

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To see the abstract from Hypertension, please click here