Lives too Short

23 November 2010

The Men’s Health Forum is calling for action to tackle men’s poor health after their new campaign report Lives Too Short – the State of Men’s Health shows that too many men die young and men are hit particularly badly by problems like suicide and cancer. 22% of men in England and Wales die before the age of 65 and 42% die before the age of 75. By comparison, 13% of women die before 65 and 26% before 75.

Men in poorer areas die much younger than wealthier men. In Kensington and Chelsea men’s life expectancy is nearly 11 years longer than in Blackpool.

It has also been found that men make much less use of primary care services than women do, despite their health problems.

The Men’s Health Forum has spent 15 years researching how best to tackle men’s health and is now calling for action in five key areas to:

  • tackle men’s mental health problems
  • get more men physically active
  • address men’s high cancer rates
  • improve men’s use of primary health services
  • involve more workplaces in men’s health and wellbeing

As part of the campaign, a new pledge has been launched, asking organisations and individuals working with men in any way to show their support for tackling these problems.

For more information and the report itself, visit

Sign the Lives Too Short Pledge