Women left 'in the dark' about their risk of heart disease

7 December 2010

Survey results reveal the shocking extent to which UK women are 'in the dark' about their risk of heart disease.

The British Heart Foundation survey shows that despite the fact that heart disease is the UK's single biggest killer, only 10% of women over 50 said their doctor had discussed their risk of heart disease with them.

The survey also found:

  • less than half of UK women would call 999 immediately if they were suffering the symptoms of a heart attack.
  • more than 10% of women said that they would go to bed, and most worrying of all, about seven per cent admitted that they would ignore the symptoms and carry on.

These results show a severe lack of awareness, which could be costing lives. It highlights the common myth that heart disease is a middle-aged male health problem.

The BHF's statistics show:

  • almost 40,000 women die from heat disease each year 
  • there are over a million women living with heart disease in the UK today.

All women over 40 are entitled to a free health check and it is vital that GPs think about heart health for female patients.

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Updated: 7 December 2010