Study raises questions of discrimination against foreign-trained doctors

11 April 2011

A recently-published article in the British Medical Journal explores the way in which foreign-trained doctors may face discrimination in regulatory processes.

The paper, by Professors Charlotte Humphrey and Martin Gulliford and research associate Shaista Hickman, describes the findings of a retrospective UK cohort study looking at the place of medical qualification and the outcomes of General Medical Council 'fitness to practise' processes.

Against a background of growing international concern about the migration of health professionals and the consequent impact on their countries of origin, the authors note: 'Destination countries may be highly dependent on foreign trained doctors to deliver services in specialties for which shortages exist and in underprovided areas.'

But anecdotal reports, and some high profile cases, have suggested that problems may sometimes exist. Foreign trained doctors may themselves encounter difficulties integrating into the health systems of host countries. Studies in the United States and Australia have suggested that foreign trained doctors or those from minority ethnic groups may face discrimination both in the face to face context of clinical work and in organisational arrangements.

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Bleak jobs future for young black workers

Alongside this, to coincide with the TUC's annual Black Workers' Conference which opened on April 9, a Labour Force Survey analysis shows that Black and Asian workers are almost twice as likely to be out of work as white workers, and public sector spending cuts could see thousands more employees from ethnic minority backgrounds losing their jobs in the coming months.

Figures show that the unemployment rate for Black and Asian workers increased from 10.2 per cent in October-December 2007 to 13 per cent in the same quarter last year (a figure almost twice as high as the 7.1 per cent unemployment rate for white individuals).

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