Information on healthcare, treatment and rights: a guide for trans people

23 August 2012

NHS North West is working in partnership with the Trans Resource and Empowerment Centre (TREC) to help trans people get better access to GP and other health services which they may need. 

The project has been set up because trans people often face considerable barriers in accessing services. They are among the most stigmatised in the UK, suffering high levels of discrimination, harassment and violence. They also experience high levels of family breakdown and are at high risk of suicide. 

As part of this project, key information for trans people on access to health care, and best practice guidance for health care staff, has been collated in one place on NHS North West's Health Equality Library Portal.

Quick links to the information are below 

Trans people's access to health care

Gender reassignment processes and procedures

Good practice in health care for trans people

 The Trans Resource and Empowerment Centre