New Book Documents British Trans Campaigning History

9 July 2014

A new book by veteran equality expert and former trans rights campaigner Christine Burns MBE provides a unique first person account of how the seeds of trans activism were first sown in the UK.

Written as part memoir and part historical account, Pressing Matters is the first book of its kind to document the way in which trans community activism developed in Britain, after the fallout from a 1960s divorce case stripped them of the means to change their legal status.

Carefully researched, with quotes, documents and never-before-seen private correspondence, "Pressing Matters" tells the history in an accessible style which reveals just how much work was required by a small band of volunteers to bring about developments such as statutory employment protection and, eventually, the Gender Recognition Act.

The author is in a special position to recount this story in an authoritative way ... trans campaign strategy was never covered in the media. Christine was present from the early stages and she weaves her personal journey into the narrative to anchor the tale. The result is a unique book - underlining how the personal and the political are sometimes so closely bound.

"Accessible, clear and so readable"

" a true sense of the scope and depth of work that the fledgling trans movement needed to cover"

"A must read for anyone wanting to understand the history of significant social movements"

Pressing Matters (approx 450pp) is available as a Kindle eBook for £7.99 inc VAT.

For more details, including a free sample, visit the book page

Updated: 9 July 2014